What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy

In the textbook Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship (2nd ed.), Landreth (2002) defined child-centered play therapy:  

A dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child (or person of any age) and a therapist trained in play therapy procedures who provides selected play materials and facilitates the development of a safe relationship for the child (or person of any age) to fully express and explore self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors) through play, the child's natural medium of communication, for optimal growth and development. (p. 16)

What does this mean?

Registered Play Therapists use play to help children communicate, explore, process, and heal.  It is a dynamic form of therapy that uses what comes naturally to children (play!) to help them manage.  Play Therapists take an active role during the child's play to facilitate growth.  

Why Play Therapy?

“Birds fly, fish swim and children play.”

– Garry Landreth

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